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Zhejiang Yongmei Chain Co,LTD
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The original of the Yongmei Chain CO;LTD Zhejiang is Chains factory Yongkang Of Zhejiang located in Yongkang, Zhejiang province, which is one of China’s top 100 cities, as well as the City of Hardware in China. There are lots of excellent private enterprises.As the leading force of these, the company has a long manufacturing history, rich technique experience, and advanced manufacturing equipments and managerial set-up. It is a professional manufacturing corporation combining researching, designing, producing, marketing into one. As a shiny one, it has advantages in expertise, quality and so on. From the first establishment the time when there were difficulties to the present prosperous business, every step was firm and a lot was achieved, which eyewitnesses Yongmei stuff’s independent thinking, the courage to forge ahead, and innovative entrepreneurship. It is among the national top leading corporations of the same industry,as well as the member of Chinese Chain transmission Institution.It has successively awarded as Top 100 Enterprises, Top 100 Taxing Unit,3A Credit Enterprise in Zhejiang province,3A Credit Enterprise by the financial department for two years,2A Land Tax enterprise in Zhejiang province,Zhejiang Province Well-known Trademark Jinhua Well-known Trademark, Brand Products The company firmly believes that the tireless pursuit of Yongmei is the satisfaction of the customers, and the direction Yongmei fighting for is the forever improvement. With market as guider, the company fully carries out the talent strategy by bringing in talented person of this industry and investing in the scientific research, which in turn highlights the advantages of the company. As to the production, Yongmei chain has past the certification of the ISO9002 International Quality System. The company carries out omni-directional managing and control for the quality and service of the products, in order to lift the customers’ satisfaction all the time. A lot of advanced equipments are brought in, such as automatic multiple high-speed blanking presses, automatic heating net belt production line, digital-controlled lathe processing, line-cutting processing control and so on. The whole producing line starts from the selecting of the materials, to cold rolling, to piece flushing, to heat treatment, finally to automatic assembly. In this way, the producing system is efficient, nimble and stable, which in turn meets the customers’ multi-need for the quality and size. “Quality First” is Yongmei’s policy for quality, which is also the firm basement of Yongmei’s establishment and developing. The whole company treated the quality as the life of the enterprise. Firmly following the international quality system, it has carried out exact examination for the materials, half-finished products, and products. High accuracy close check are brought in order to test the length, accuracy ,torque of the products, and also to examine the tension test. Since the establishment, the company has been tirelessly insisting on bringing in high-quality technicians, which enables Yongmei to research and design according to the need of the customers and the market. Using the advanced design and producing methods, the company selects high quality alloy steel material and use advanced heat treatment to process chain of various functions. Following the standards of ISO, ANSI, BS, DIN, AND JIS, the performance of the products reached the standards of America, Japan and European developed countries, which makes Yongmei chain become the first choice for the customers in the market and succeeded in being selected in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The company has the united people-oriented values, and increasing centripetal force and cohesive force. For the quality, the company holds strict check for every size of chain, striving for the perfection. With advanced technology and excellent service, Yongmei Company produces high-quality chain for customers both abroad and at home. All the products are qualified according to China chain Test Center’s standard, which enables it to gain positive acclaim from experts both inside and outside of the industry. Looking forward to the future, Yongmei Stuff is making great efforts. Standing out of the chain industry, Yongmei chain is determined to be a well-known trademark. Yongmei chain is sweeping the world.